S-LMS: professional sample analysis service

We provide to our customers a sample service performed with our state of the art facility:

  •     Qualitative element and isotope analysis
  •     Quantitative element and isotope analysis
  •     Chemical mapping of a sample surface with
        μm resolution (10μm)
  •     High resolution depth profiling of your  sample
        with sub-nm resolution (1nm per single laser shot)

Sample requirements:

  •     Solid samples (fully quantitative measurement)
  •     Liquid samples (qualitative measurements after evaporated on a standard sample
  •     Only non-radioactive can be accepted
  •     Samples diameter > 1mm

Figures of merit of analysis

  •     Detection Sensitivity: 10ppb
  •     Mass resolution m/Δm of up to 1500
  •     High dynamic range of more than eight orders of magnitude (intense to weak signals can be measured
  •     Quantitative determination of elemental and isotopic composition
  •     Mass range: Hydrogen to Uranium (in atomisation mode of instrument)
  •     Analytes with masses up to several 1000 amu can be investigated (desorption mode, reduced energy/pulse)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested to measure your samples or if you have any questions regarding the service we can offer.