R-LMS: the ultimate Laser Mass Spectrometer

R-LMSTM is the ideal instrument for industries and academic institutions that need a top performing Laser Ablation Ionisation Mass Spectrometer for laboratory applications. 

The system is equipped with an industrial femto-second laser source and with a proprietary optical and ion-optics design. The sampling stage and other elements of R-LMSTM can be fully customized to best fit the specialized customer applications, including the implementation of an ion sputter gun, high-resolution micro-translational stage, and other features.

Figures of merit

  •     Detection Sensitivity: 10 ppb.
  •     Mass resolution m/Δm of up to 1500.
  •     High dynamic range of more than eight orders of magnitude (intense signal to weak signal).
  •     Quantitative determination of elemental and isotopic composition.
  •     Mass range: Hydrogen to Uranium (in atomisation mode of instrument).
  •     Analytes with masses up to several 1000 amu can be investigated (desorption mode, reduced energy/pulse).
  •     Lateral mapping of the chemical composition of the sample material with μm resolution (10μm).
  •     Depth profiling with nm resolution (1nm per single laser shot).

Analytical Applications

  •     Chemical mapping of heterogenous materials with high lateral resolution.
  •     Isotope ratio measurements with accuracy and precision comparable to TIMS laboratory instruments, suitable for geochronology of sample material, studies of isotope fractionation processes, etc.
  •     Quantitative studies of multilayer samples, e.g. semiconductor material, with a depth resolution comparable to SIMS.
  •     In combination with a high resolution microscope camera system (optional) the systems provides complementary information in terms of mineralogy and morphology of the investigated sample surface.

Analytical Advantages

  •     Ultra-low sample consumption in the femto- to picogram range.
  •     No sample preparation.


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