IONIGHT AG is a Swiss based provider of leading edge solutions in the field of Laser Ablation Ionization Mass Spectrometry.

We incorporated in 2014 as a spin-off of the Physics Institute - Space Research and Planetary Sciences Division - of the University of Bern. Our flagship product, the award winning Laser Mass Spectrometer LMS™, is the outcome of decades of research in mass spectrometry for space applications.
We built IONIGHT on five major areas of expertise: mass spectrometry, laser physics, fast electronics systems, software, and project management. Our products and services are the results of the excellence of our team in each of these disciplines.

Our instrument, LMS™, provides the equivalent of a real time 3D chemical tomography of the sample with the same or better measurement performance than state-of-the-art laboratory instruments such as Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometers (TIMS), Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers (LA-ICP-MS), and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometers (SIMS).

Currently we offer to our customers a sample analysis service (S-LMS™) and a laboratory instrument (R-LMS™).

  • S-LMS™ is offered to organizations interested in outsourcing their analytical needs and for prospective customers interested to test the capabilities and performance of the instrument before considering to purchase a laboratory system.
  • R-LMS™ is offered to industrial and academic laboratories that needs state of the art performances for the quantitative analysis of trace elements and isotopes down to ppb levels, without the requirement of reference materials.

The performances and unique characteristics of S-LMS™ and R-LMS™ make it an ideal tool for a broad range of applications, including oil, gas and mineral exploration, mining operation, recycling of solid wastes, gems fingerprinting, contamination control, semiconductors, and others. Moreover, we are investigating further areas of application, including the analysis of pharmaceutical and biological samples.

We welcome requests from customers in any field of industry or research that are willing to test LMSTM capabilities to meet their application needs.